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Custom Design

Beautiful New Homes due to their long term association with one of New South Wales Largest and Most Reputable New Home Builders allows them to offer their clients fantastic New Home Design solutions.


By working closely with their clients, they have proven time and time again, that they were able to advise on the most suitable design from the standard range. This equates to massive savings for their customers, who are able to take advantage of the economies of scale that their builders offer.

However, and quite often, their needs to be modifications to the standard design in order to get the plans just the way the client wants them . This sometimes leads to the creation of a full Custom Design and this is not a problem. After all, the Managing Director believes that building a New Home is one of the most important decisions in most peoples life time, and its that understanding and belief that sets Beautiful New Homes apart from the competition.


The team have the skill to offer modified or Custom Designed Homes in most cases for a very realistic and sensible investment amount.


They use their skills to have the design completed using common sense to help keep the design cost effective while striving to achieve the objectives of their clients.

Over the years their skills have seen their clients realise their dreams of their new home being completed the way they wanted and most importantly, within budget. 

It's the Beautiful New Homes experience!


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