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Dual Occupancy / Medium Density

Dual Occupancy or Duplexes are now becoming very popular and maybe even essential as land values skyrocket. Many people are now discovering that this opportunity allows them better use of their land. Choosing to build a duplex or dual occupancy provides two homes on the one lot. This additional dwelling overall increases the value of the property. When doing this it provides options.


Whether you are looking build and then sell both homes or keep one of the new homes for yourself and offer the second home to the market; or live in one and rent one, the choice is yours. *


Many of our clients have told us that they felt a new sense of freedom with these choices. The sale of a second dwelling, may in many cases, provide the opportunity for you to reduce the overall financial commitment after all transactions are completed. It may also allow you to build your new home earlier than you may have considered possible due to the opportunity to create 2 homes.


Whether you are looking for a new home or to create an investment opportunity for you and your family, a dual occupancy may well be an ideal way to go! *


Beautiful New Homes provides a comprehensive service exclusively for their clients that intend to build with one of their member builders. This includes arranging the initial home designs and the quotation from the clients preferred builder within the group.


Our highly skilled staff along with the Managing Directors more than 20 years experience in the industry is paramount to the success of the project. Beautiful New Homes also assist and arrange with the submissions of the applications to council and work through the stages enabling the construction of your new homes to start.

* Important Note: Every persons financial position is individual. Always consult your financial planner and or accountant prior to proceeding to satisfy yourself that this is a good decision for you. Also talk to your accountant about any possible tax and fees that may be applicable.


Is your site suitable for a duplex?

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